Behold, the Solution: A Structured Approach

So what must we, as JavaScript Developers do to overcome this "structurelessness"? How can we possibly design proper RESTful Web APIs when there are no such formal guidelines or best practices? How can we, as JavaScript developers, in which the majority did not formally study computer science and software development possibly structure our code to be scalable and maintainable?

We will first apply the best practices that I have personally learned over the years from designing dozens of RESTful APIs. I will show you what we can take away from companies like Microsoft and Google who created and followed their own set of guidelines. I will show you some of the best practices I implemented from books such as Mark Masse's REST API Design Rulebook and Subbu Allamaraju's RESTful Web Services Cookbook.

We will then look at Domain-Driven Design and the patterns that other communities use from a more traditional background. We will learn about layered architectures and how to not reinvent the wheel, but to apply proven software architectural styles to our node.js application.

Finally, we'll learn how to apply both the best practices of designing good consumable RESTful web APIs and how to structure good JavaScript code into a simple 8 Step Recipe that you can follow every time you decide to design a RESTful Web API. We will then build a real world RESTful Web API using this approach and discover how this approach can be used and applied to building any real-life applications.

We will write code based on this 8 Step Recipe in a methodical manner, write tests to back them up, and document our APIs for long-term use.

You will go home every night feeling more fulfilled and less anxious. You will become a better developer and take your career and skills to the next level!

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